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Ubuntus - Art, Engagement, Diversity

The cross-age and intergenerational art education program Ubuntus focuses on its main target group: people. Ubuntus is for children, teenagers and adults with or without experience of being a refugee and/or living with impairment or disability.

Adult participants act in the spirit of a community of solidarity and responsibility to accompany the so-called Ubuntus: children and young adults with and without experience of being a refugee living in community and emergency shelters, who are at the center of the art education program.

In equal educational partnerships - each consisting of one child or teenager with refugee experience and one child or teenager without refugee experience as well as an adult participant - all come into contact with each other in projects on architecture and contemporary art, dealing with socially relevant issues of our time. Doing so, they learn something about themselves and the society they live in. 

In the project module work of the art education program Ubuntus it becomes apparent that empathy and philanthropic world views can be promoted through the examination of artistic strategies. Art lives through interaction, that is, through the exchange with and about it. Art sets impulses. The program aims to create a space for all participants where these interactions can be practiced. Respecting and enduring the opinion of the counterpart is taught in the process - in this context, respectful dissent as a critical form of expression and skill is developed further. The discourse with art as a co-creating space by and for society is actively practiced. 

A key concern of the program is to influence and activate the social neighborhood. It creates space for encounters and encourages children, teenagers and their families, as well as friends and neighbors, to create and nurture an open cooperation. Together, all participants experience what diversity means - they learn from the challenges and simultaneously create something new. 

The program consists of different project modules that address important social issues. These are applied as a foil to the various contemporary art genres such as staged photography, installation and performance. Like in an art laboratory as an educational institution, the participants explore which artistic linguistic power is developed to reflect global issues of the 21st century. As part of the exercises, also the raw materials and tools used are examined. 

Social cooperation, reflected in the examination of contemporary artistic perspectives on the conflict points and chances of a globalized world - this is the socio-political field of action the art education program Ubuntus establishes. 

The project work is fundamentally barrier- and discrimination sensitive.